November 16, 2016



photos by Mikko Rasila

Elina Äärelä is a fashion design student from Aalto University, with her main focus on menswear. 
In her BA collection she got inspired by the slideshows "Boy Town" by Nina Manandhar and "Twentysix Different Gas Stations in Africa" by Frank Verdier. She fell in love with the flower printed and beautifully colored clothes that could be seen in both of them and wanted to get the same feeling to her collection by using red and blue as the main colors.
The crystals that she applied on the knees and chest on every piece were sponsored by Swarovski.

This year Elina wanted to try something new and is now working on a womenswear collection for upcoming spring. 
Can not wait to see it!

Thank you Sokos Hotel Vaakuna for letting us shoot in this beautiful lobby.

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